Scam report about Tatyana Galinskaya

First name:  Tatyana
Last name:  Galinskaya
Age:  33
Location:  Kiev Ukraine
On websites:  afa, get a wife
Report:  Scam number to verify is 29854 this woman and her 12yo daughter act as a pair, she is teaching her daughter very well in the art of scam and gold digging, on first meeting it is normally to the Arena City in the heart of Kiev, she will ask for champagne and the daughter will have the large pizza, after small talk the daughter is going on about a Tocan bird, at $6000 from Moscow, the daughter is very rude and unruley with no manners of any kind, very greedy and selfish, the mother is very simpithetic and blames her past husband for this who is in mental hospital for self harm,this is her second husband, in actual fact it is the mothers teaching, the kid spends money like it grows on tree's and I feel myself lucky that I cancelled a trip to Croatia for us all, it would have cost me $7000 aprox with a seperate room for the kid in a nice hotel, I suggested an apartment but mother didnt want this and didnt want that the kid be around, the kid requires only the best of things and is more demanding than her mother and if she doesnt get her own way starts blame on waiters and bar staff, being very rude and giving them shit, I felt so sorry for one guy who was serving us I gave him large tip and appoligy, the mother had borrowed money from people to satify the kids greed and expects that the man in her life pay it back, and tells you that its only a borrow, when you ask for the money back the answer is well do you think it costs nothing to have sex with me and sleep in my bed. I have the proof of this in sms to my phone, the email she uses is that of her daughter and they share the answers, the daughter is very good at english, she also needs money to send daughter for camp $2000 and to drink mineral water near to Lvov just over $2000, training for her a new job and schooling for kid, I have also requested that these people be placed on the scam reports, very dangerous pair in way of money and scam

Status of report:  is still without proof

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