Scam report about Melodie Spencer

First name:  Melodie
Last name:  Spencer
Aka:  Stacey Thompson
Age:  28
On websites:  e-harmony
Report:  I met this person on e-harmony and it quickly went to Yahoo IM. He/she claimed to be from around the Waco,TX area and was over in the UK for a modeling seminar. I happened to look this person up and found a profile of her saying she was doing a modeling seminar in Nigeria. E-harmony e-mailed me, during the course of our communications, saying they had removed one Stacey Thompson from their services..they never gave me a reason why but now I know. This person had asked me to acquire a form needed for modeling, while she was in the UK from a guy in Washington named Bert Palmer. This form was the most expensive piece of paper I have heard of...$375 for this form. The person using this woman's photos is very slick and convincing and he didn't get anything from me. I strung him along for quite awhile.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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