Scam report about Maria Boateng

First name:  Maria
Last name:  Boateng
Age:  34
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Phone:  233-246-955727
On websites: and Yahoo messenger
Report:  She uses the i want to come to be with you and i need you for life deal. She will say she sold all of her belongings and raised xxxx amount of money. Could you just help with the little amount. If you do then there is a problem with immigration or customs. They require travel insurance of 130 bucks. Then we have another problem. They require i have 400 bucks in travelers checks in case you don't show up. Then she will book a flight from london to your place and pay for it. Even send you the information to check it out.But needs the money for a flight from Ghana to london. Sells items from her mother and raises most but needs a little more to finish.Then we have another problem. The flight was economy but all the seats for that are filled. Needs another 135 for the business seat ticket.The travel agent messed up. Or it's your fault for taking so long to send the money. There is always an excuse. She will call and talk so you know it is a female. No webcam.Sends pics of her holding a paper with your name on it. And nude ones. Talks about how she has degrees and can help out financially when she is there with work. This one is good. Very good. I have dealt with many and found them on sites or other information. Can't find anything on this one in over 6 months of chatting. She will take her time to give you that trusting and believeing feeling. Then reel you in hard.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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