Scam report about Olga Kirillova

First name:  Olga
Last name:  Kirillova
Age:  29
Location:  Russia - Cheboksary
Email:  olga(Internet coffee) []
Report:  Hi love of my life. This morning I have woken up with very good mood. Very strongly to like me your photos, I like to look at it. My work consists in that that I to work with children in a boarding school. I am the soul mate. I have all documents on the university termination. But my level in work for so is great also I wish to promote in the sphere far enough. To like me my work with small children. I the blonde, am my natural hair colour fair-haired. Your photos unpack and lay at my place When I start to miss I I look at your photos and from it to me to become easier. I live in the city of Cheboksary. To me 29 Years my day a birth on April, 11th. I have felt pleasant happiness that that which I had in the student's years. To me became so pleasantly and I felt the high-grade girl which can love. Probably the most pleasant feeling which the person can really test it. Peter I felt again careless and now it seems to me that I can make many the important changes in the life. The darling I have felt that happiness which disappeared in depths of my consciousness. At night eyes of that girl have dreamt me but has constrained itself in hands and I have thought of you long looking on sheet from your photo which have brought from the Internet of cafe and now I will always store its number until when I can be in your embraces. The darling you at all do not represent as I is glad. I feel again the girl which loves. In the morning I long thought of love. What exactly seems to me love can rescue all this indifferent world which surrounds us. After all only in love and through love the person finds perceptions of all world around. Now I am glad that I have this feeling. Peter for me acquaintance to you what that has opened in the image a love door in my rigid soul. I even as that feel now to another. This beginning of my new life is possible. The darling I as have seriously enough reflected on that to have children and to give them this love having brought up them really persons capable to understand a problem of other people. Now I understand that it is my debt to the god. Peter I hope for that that you can present to me the child. Now I had a dream of that to begin the life anew near to you in your country and to be really happy. Only so I can forget the terrible life. The DARLING I hope that you can present to me this dream. Today I promised to help the father with cleaning of its car. For work I have decided not to go any more. The darling I hope that you will be glad the nobility my dreams. The main thing understand that now they depend in many respects and on you. I will wait your thoughts. Your love Olga. Her last email to me. She realised that she was going no where with me. She has a massive resume of aliases etc.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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