SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Rebecca Akinjide Felix

First name: Rebecca Akinjide
Last name: Felix
Aka: Becky
Age: 29
Location: Nigeria
Address: No. 4 George Street, Okoro Village, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria 23402
Phone: 0112348073019409 and 0112347057805809
Email: and
On websites:
Report:     met this contact on We began to write via IM on yahoo. After some time she told me to help her leave Nigeria. I began to send Western Union money transactions. She told me that she goes by her middle name: AKINJIDE FELIX. She told me she needed to get her passport, visa, flight ticket, HIV test and a new ID with her full name: Rebecca Akinjide Felix. The night of the purchase, she gave me fake flight information. I researched and found they were fake. I then went off on her. She said, that she was scammed by the travel agent. In addition she said is having a check mailed to me, (which I received), as her father who passed once worked for a client in the states. I called the bank to check if this was a true check, it proved to be fake and they said for me to contact the authorities after notifying them of the scam details. She has two phone numbers: 0112348073019409 and 0112347057805809 She has used two emails: and
Status of report: is still without proof