First name: Olga
Last name: Epifanova
Aka: Olya / Malyshka_ya
Age: 29
Location: Russia / Chekbosary
Address: street M. pavlova / house 12 / sq. 53
Phone: + 79613739896 / +79600949704
On websites: Russiam Ladies / Club10 / EastWestMat
Report:     This is the most cunning scammer I have ever encounter. She is an engineer working in an office firm. She is able to demonstrate all documents as legal but they are not. She is able to show all travels paper or documentation that are right, but at the end of the story, she did not buy the airline ticket, she did not put a foot on the airplane and her name was not in the passenger list on the day she should arrive to the designated country and never the less not even a week before or a week after she can tell the she will arrive. This person is so cunning the she is able to tell that she has change the days of travel and arrival to the designated country. But the trust is the she will leave you waiting at the airport for ever.
Status of report: is still without proof