Scam report about yevgeniya mityuryova

First name:  yevgeniya
Last name:  mityuryova
Aka:  jenya
Age:  30
Location:  gorodec russia 60650
Address:  st sovetskaja 15 ap 42
On websites:  yahoo!Personals
Report:  JENYA has contacted me. I thought there was something strange about her. She never seen my photo and never asked to see one. When she said that she was an actor, I looked her up on the internet. The only reviews she had was that of a scammer. She says she needs $1500.00U.S. for tickets and a visa. She wants me to send it to her friend OLGA PILIPCHAK So far she doesnot know that I know what she is. I told her that I am going to send her money,then after she calls me about it I'm going to tell her to go to hell. I sent her e-mails useing different addresses,and names. She sends the same long boring letters to all of them.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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