Scam report about Vera-Veronika Jugova

First name:  Vera-Veronika
Last name:  Jugova
Location:  Lugansk-Krasniy Luch
Report:  To whom it concerns. I sent pictures and made a report about this woman on the 29th of September 2008.I sent another letter few days later to stop posting her on the scammer list but now I have no doubt and I have talked to people in Lugansk and she is truly a real scammer. She managed to scam out of me few thousands of Dollars and I just can not think that she can continue doing this to other honest men so I would like to see her on the scammer list. My old report file number was 30195 and I will send the pictures of her again and I will also send the last 2 letters she wrote me the same day I was due tp arriave to Kiev where she was going to meet with me.The words here below are the words I wrote in my first letter to you.When I came back home to Iceland there were another woman wanting to correspond with me,that woman is from Moscow as she told me but in her profile at City-of-Brides she is living in St.Petersburg. Borh these women had profiles at this dating agency. This woman from Moscow is a real scammer,it took me 3 letters to figure that out. Here I place in this letter photograps of this woman from Lugansk that have bean scamming me the whole summer. I will in another letter send one of her letters that she sent me when I at the Heathrow airport in London on my way to Rome in Italy and from Rome I would be in Kiev that same afternoon to meet with her. I found out yesterday that she is working for this marriage agency in Lugansk to fool honest men in Europe.I got another letter from her relatives yesterday and the whole trurh came upon the table. I will also send you in another e-mail a copy of that letter. I hope this woman gets what she so really deserves.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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