Scam report about Linda Ofori

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Ofori
Aka:  (your site has her as) Maame Parker along with 20+ different names
Age:  30
Location:  Accra,Ghana
Address:  (address given me) PoBox an5174 Accra,North, Accra,Ghana
Phone:  00233247528433
On websites:  Chineselovelinks
Report:  She IM me on the above website want to chat on yahoo messenger.Soon as we started chatting new she was scammer. Said she was American working for DHL, in Cuba. played along a get information of her. Told me over and over she was honest person looking for love.(sent me many pictures)Sent me one e-mail letter think it was suppose to go to someone else. Talked about how she loved both of them and wanted to be with them (think it was some guy and his child) We chatted for several days. She said she love me and want to marry me. I kept playing along waitting for the scam.(It came) told me it was her mothers birthday she didn't have enough money for the gift she wanted to get her. Wanted me to help her get the gift (the whole time telling me how much she loved me and want to be with me)Said she needed 150 dollars. I agreed (with no intention of sending it) She then when into this whole detaited thing about how to send the money by Western Union and she wanted me to send it to Ghana. I ask why Ghana, she said mother had moved there the day before and want me to send the money to her mother (This girl is dummer then a rock) Again I agreed to keep her thinking she was getting the money. Told her I sent the money gave her false Western Union number. Now while she is at Western Union trying to get the money I'm typing this report.

Status of report:  will be added soon

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