Scam report about adela roxana pop

First name:  adela roxana
Last name:  pop
Aka:  Loren, Lorena
Age:  26
Location:  Luton england, deva romania
On websites:  no
Report:  Met this girl last January 2008. A real deal long game scammer so beware! Works as a escort in the uk. She uses the escort work to meet vunrenble men. She is very pretty and has no problems finding new men. When she has a new victim lined up she will start to tell the well worn stories of her family is in hard times, reletives are sick etc. She will also proclaim undying love for her victims, and will start seeing them on a private (not through the escort agency basis). She extracts money by manipulation her victims feelings by way of sex and false promices of love. In my case she even married me!! The marrige lasted 4 weeks then she did a runner. She went back working as a prostitute (to the same agency from where I met her). I was informed by her boss that she was fired for treating a customer just the same as she was treating me. This new victim is over 70 years old and is already ?2000 out of pocket because of her. This girl is very dangerous to know. She will try and get as much cash out of her victims as possible before she flees never to be seen again.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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