SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Tinasha Wallize

First name: Tinasha
Last name: Wallize
Aka: Cocoa Eskimo,.... Nina Peterson...Nina Wallize
Age: 30
Location: Palmer, Alaska
Address: 1292 Vermillon Drive, P.O Box 1012, Palmer , Alaska 99645
Phone: 907-715-0245..cell # 315-296-4246
On websites: My Space: Cocoa Eskimo Headquarters.. and U tube
Report:     Tinasha Wallize, She operates as a woman seeking a future, momogamous husband. She is already married to Shane Wallize ,who was serving in IraQ,who cheated on her. She says she was seeking a divorce, and seduces a man into helping her escape her situation!. She asks for money and presents for her and her 4 children! Then cheats with other men at the same time. Then her husband returns and she in her marriage. She advertises her body on MY Space and continues. She is a scammer and a Gold Digger!
Status of report: is still without proof