Scam report about alina princess

First name:  alina
Last name:  princess
Age:  28
Location:  russiachebokssary,gagarina str,app.39.
Report:  Hello, dear Arthur!!! I am very glad to get a letter from you. I have already told you that I have never changed letters in the Internet, that's why I had a feeling of childish happiness having got your letter. When I get letters from you I am like a child who is waiting for something new, something unusual for it till this moment! I wait for your letter with impatience with desire to know as much as possible about you. It's rather cold now at our place and in such cold days I feel sad sometimes. I often catch a thought that may be I needed to occupy by my relations with men... I devoted all my life to my carrier... In the University I had some unlucky tentatives to build my relations. But none of them had a succes!!! And now I want to find a man who could listen to me and to understand me. Now I have the job that I like, good friends. But it would be pleasant for me to know that somebody besides my friends and my chief needs me, that somebody is waiting for me entirely sincerely, that somebody needs you as a woman. I want to meet a man with whom the hours fly without having noticed them and without whom minutes can last eternally. Don't you know such phenomenon of soul and heart? I need just simple human relations. As a romantic woman I want to love and I want to be loved. May be I have never had the feeling of love but it doesn't mean that I am a cold and indifferent woman. Simply I was busy by my independance, I needed to be sure that I can afford myself all what I want. Now I begin to understand that the sense of the life isn't carrier, isn't the quantity of earned money , but simple human relations, relations, built on love and care, relations where there is no love! Do you agree with me? I am very interested in you, every time when I get a letter from you I begin to think more about you...I understand that it's just the beginning of our correspondence, but my interest to you seizes me and brings me again to the Internet cafe. We are for each other as two new books that we have opened and began to read. We have read already enough to be involved and we read with impatience more and more new chapters. I am not very experienced in relations between man and woman...But may be they can begin like this!!! For me it's a serious step but I am ready for it and as a sign of my confidence and my good intentions to you I want to give you my home address: 428000 Russia, Cheboksary, Gagarina str.,7, app. 39. I would be glad if you too give me you address, because we have to know more about each other! Alina! Kiss you, bye!!! P.S Unfortunately I do not have program MSN 001250.jpg 001720.jpeg {0} Markeren als gelezen Markeren als ongelezen Verwijderen Ongewenst Gewenst Afdrukken Berichtbron weergeven © 2008 Microsoft Privacyverklaring Gebruiksrechtovereenkomst Help Accountservices Feedback

Status of report:  is still without proof

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