Scam report about Ekaterina 

First name:  Ekaterina
Age:  27
Location:  Russia
Address:  Russia, Yaransk, Annikov street 14, app 95
On websites:
Report:  Hello Francisco!!! I hope that I am still interesting to you, my dear. Here my address: Russia, Yaransk, Annikov street 14, app 95!!!! Fairly I still very much hesitate of you... To express all sensations of feeling. Though in a life I absolutely another. I on the contrary say that I think. Can because I have any fear still... I already tried to search for love on the Internet. And I had 2 men with which I corresponded. With the last I stopped to copy probably 2 years ago... Or 3? I already precisely do not remember. But the first spoke that he wishes to find the wife to himself. And it very much was pleasant to me. I too wished to have a family, like all it was good. But then he has asked a photo where I should be without clothes. I have not understood absolutely it. But continued it to demand and demand. Then I had a big desire to strike it in the true life. How it is possible about such to ask? You understand me, my dear I hope what Yes. With the second was even worse. I at all would not like to tell about it. Therefore I was disappointed in love search on the Internet. But then my girlfriend also searched for love and has found.... Now she already lives with it like to Tahiti. I would be very glad to go with you at cinema. :) But unfortunately we are separated by the big distance. :( But it of anything. Here when we will know about each other more and we will find common language I hope that we will meet and we go and at cinema and anywhere. :) Certainly it is all will show time.... And now We will continue our dialogue...... Very much I hope that you will not play with me, and will be serious. Because I do not know that will be with me if I again lose hope. I hope, that it will not happen. I trust you.... Francisco, I wait... Ekaterina.

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