Scam report about natalia klucherova

First name:  natalia
Last name:  klucherova
Age:  24
Location:  nikolaev ukraine
On websites:
Report:  hello, First off i would like to say that it is great there is a website like yours that actually cares about the people that have been scammed out f their hard earned money. At first i felt too ashamed to admit to anyone i had been fooled in such a stupid way and just wanted to cut my loses and save face, but the more i read the terrible stories on your site it made me think that i should help stop these girls from hurting people emotionally and financially! Through a friend i got to know the website, he told me there were many beautiful women on the website and I decided to have a look. I wish I had seen your website first! I was planning a trip to Ukraine and wanted to contact a lady which i could meet to see if i could find love in Ukraine. Maybe i was naive to think it is possible to find love on internet, I don't know. After registering on the site (49 USD) as a plantinum member i started having a look on the site, before I could even find out how everything works I got over 30 chat invitations and 30 introductory letters from ladies ranging from 18 till 40 years! The chat and letters off course cost you a lot of credits (but this I do not mind, it was my own choice) One girl in the chatroom invited me to talk and she really caught my eye. It was 23 year old natalia from nikolaev she was very pretty we started chatting and we seemed to really hit it off from the first moment. We chatted over the course of the next several weeks and started to arrange a meeting in Nikolaev. She offered me to arrange an apartment in Nikolaev (for 200 USD a night) and spoke to me that she couldn't wait to see me and was starting to fall in love with me. I planned my trip (flight to Kiev 320 euro, Kiev Odessa 100 euro) and she offered that she would arrange a taxi for me to drive me from Odessa to Nikolaev (300 USD). I was very happy that she cared so much to help me with all these things because I do not speak Russian and am not aquainted with how things work in Ukraine. When i arrived at Odessa airport the taxi was waiting for me but instead of Natalia there was a blonde girl named Juliya that introduced her as a translator that works for, she said that she had been helping natalia translate because she did not speak English very well and that we would meet Natalia in Nikolaev and she would translate for 20 USD per hour. To me this came as a total surprise but decided to agree because her story seemed honest to me. We arrived in Nikolaev and the translator took me to the apartment ask for payement for the apartment (1000 USD for 5 days) and the taxi (300 USD).After that told me I would meet Natalia tomorrow at a restaurant. I was disappointed but agreed and decided to wait till the next day. The next day we went to a restaurant far outside Nikolaev with the same taxi that picked me up from the airport (50USD) and i met Natalia, she looked exactly like on the pictures of the website and i was relieved and thought all was okay. We had some introductory small talk and the translator explained all to her in russian. I was very happy and let all my mistrusts that I had go on that moment. She seemed a little shy and the translator did most of the talking. After dinner which i payed for off course (100 USD) I asked where we would go, they took me to a bar in Nikolaev and we had some drinks, when I spoke to Natalia it seemed like she did not know any of the things we spoke about in our letters and on the chat. She spoke very little but the translator spoke a lot! after Natalia had to go home because it was late she said. I payed the translator (5 hours 100 USD) and went to my apartment. The next day I would not meet Natalia untill night so i decided to explore Nikolaev and ended up in a bar on the main street where there seemed to be a lot of tourists and expats. I started talking to a german man that lived in Nikolaev for a few years now and told him how i ended up in Ukraine. He started laughing and told me I should watch out, he told me i was beeing scammed! When he told me this I was in complete disbelieve at first, but I started to think about everything. He told me that these girls had been charging me double or sometimes triple prizes for the taxi, apartment, translation and so on! This was shocking news for me, I really felt like we had a connection in our letters and on chat But I realised that i had been scammed and all this was about money. The german man told me that soon they would start to ask for money and then i would see it myself that i was being scammed. That Night i met with the girls again and asked them to go to a restaurant in the center. They refused because they told me they did not like that restaurant and told me they wanted to go a place that they would choose. I went along with them and we went again to a remote place outside the city with the same taxidriver (which was probably just a friend involved in the scam). (50 USD) I noticed the girls also by any means tried to avoid the city center, I guess so nobody would recognise them. During dinner the translator started speaking to me that in Ukraine it is custom that when you date a girl you should get her a gift, she suggested a piece of jewelryor even cash! . She said she would go with me the next day to choose it if i would pay her the hours she spent with me. I told her that I agreed but at that moment it was clear to me that this was all just a scam and decided to go home the next day, i told her i had urgent business in my country. In the following weeks i received email from Natalia that she had problems and needed money to pay for a car accident she had been in, she asked me for 5000$ because she had no insurance. I told her that I would think about it. She also needed money for a visa to come see me. When i wrote her back and told her I knew she scammed me she never wrote me again. At first I was just very sad and disapointed because i really started to have feelings for this girl but when I realised that I probably never even spoke to her online and it was the translator all along and they planned all this to scam me out of my money I got very angry. I have contacted my lawyer and and he sugested i should contact my embassy in Ukraine, go to the police and report these girls and we should take legal action. He told me there is little hope of ever seeing back a dime of the money that I lost but that is not important for me. I want to stop these girls that play with people's feelings and use love for scams! Maybe facilitates these girls or maybe they do not,Juliya the translator seems not to oficially work for the website because i saw she has a profile on too, she probably is just a part of the scam ( I want that some action is taken. The profiles of natalia and Juliya are still active and this means they are still ripping men off. I want that at least their profiles will be banned from the site. My lawyer and me are preparing legal action agains them. I also have hired a private investigator in Ukraine to get more information. The only stupid thing I did is delete my account on the site and did not save our correspondence. Maybe you could contact and tell them about the girls profile and they can ban them. As soon as i have more info i will share it with you. their pictures are available on the links that i provided thanks, from a man who lost his faith in finding an honest woman.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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