Scam report about audrina pickler

First name:  audrina
Last name:  pickler
Age:  27
Location:  lagos, nigeria
Report:  I posted some info before, but here is the latest in my contined correspondence: She kept asking for money, so I took the advice of others who have been involved with these scam artists and gave in to her requests to send her something via western union in her hotel manager's name since that is the only way she can get it. I produced a fake MTCN number and all the other pertinent info and told her/him that the transfer was complete and I gave them the info they needed to pick it up. A couple hours later she emailed me back saying that she drove down with the hotel manager and there was no money there. They insisted that it was there to the clerk but the clerk told them no. She asked that I review the info and make sure it was correct. I emailed her back saying that I mis-typed one of the numbers, so freakin sorry babe, and gave her the correct number (yeah right). Anyway, she emails back saying that the bank is now closed and she can't get the money until tomorrow, but as soon as she gets it in the morning she'll buy that plane ticket and can't wait to hold me in her arms, lol. Once they find no money there for them tomorrow I probably won't hear back from her, so I've included her letters of disappointment at no money which I'm assuming will be the last letters.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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