Scam report about Erika Jones

First name:  Erika
Last name:  Jones
Aka:  Anita Feister , Jennifer Brown
Age:  29
Location:  20 Park farm junctionbodiam,ES Roberts Bridge tn 325x liverpool
On websites:  yahoo & yahoo personals
Report:  From the begining I suspected as usual the typical scammer from Nigeria only this time she stated that she lives in England and has all her life. Her husband died 10 years ago. She obviously has no consept of the english language and how sentences are formed and how some words are spelled. It is getting easier and easier to spot the scammers right off. Be careful guys and use common scense. Some of you may have money to waste but not me. It hasn't cost me a dime. I am having fun finding the scammers for this site and hoipefully saving someone time and money. Here are new pictures of this scammer whoever he or she may be. Remember the pictures you get are not the people you are talking to. Why do you think Nigeria is one of the biggest purchasers of tradded in old computers. So they can get to the hard drives. Destroy your old hard drives before you sell or trade up to a new computer. Good luck and good hunting. Joe

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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