Scam report about Linda Wales

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Wales
Aka:  Martha Deiss
Age:  27
Location:  Smyna, Ga USA
Email:  Martha.deiss@yahoo,com
Report:  She said she was born in north of Dallas, Tx. Said her dad was from UK. Both parents were killed in car accident. Her dad had textile companies in Uk. His family Disowned her and would not let her claim the properties. She said she had hired an atty to get properties back in her name. She flew to Uk, Sent me pics, One of her at the beach.(I checked the weather in UK, It was raining and cold. Plus all trees in background were green. Should be winter there.) She said she needed 300lbs for fees. Then when I didn't volunteer that She said she needed 120lbs for the fees. But I have the same cover picture of her as is on your site. I knew she was a scam and tried to see how long I could keep stringing her along. I haven't heard from her for about 4 days. (I didn't know how to attatch a picture to this message, if you contact me I can email them to you)

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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