Scam report about Ekaterina Soboleva

First name:  Ekaterina
Last name:  Soboleva
Aka:  Kvirkveliya Irina; Kimberly Diamond
Age:  26
Location:  Russia. Nizhniy Novgorod area. Pavlovo.
Address:  Russia. Nizhniy Novgorod area. Pavlovo. Berezovaya street 8. 606100
On websites:
Report:  I started talking to her on November 1st, she accidentally sent me pictures of different people. She has a computer respond to messages and if you craft them correctly the messages are funny. I knew really quickly that it was a scam but I carried on for another three weeks out of curiousity for when she will finally ask for money. I messaged her twice saying that I knew she wasn't real yet her auto response computer was not programmed to understand that and sent messages as usual, if you skip a day the computer sends message saying that I miss your letters. I finally got tired of the game and I said that there was never going to be a circumstane where I would send her money for any reason. The computer took that as a offer to help her and thats when the money requests started. Here is her last message:

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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