Scam report about Maame Paker

First name:  Maame
Last name:  Paker
Aka:  Jessica Brown
Age:  28
Location:  cape coast Ghana
Address:  ring tree avenue,box kn 78,agona, kwanyako ,Ghana
Phone:  +233245607764
On websites:
Report:  She is a nurse of Central Regional Hospital, Cape Coast.She is wasting money with cape verde and malta. She took a photograph a lot naked as webcam model. The lover in front of her took a lot of photographs of her. Her lover did love with her friend. A lot of photographs that are here are the one that the friend of the lover and her in front of her scattered the rose. I mailed for three months and talked with her. She requested the remittance of the travel cost and the remittance of exchange gifts money to the family. She plans to finish the surgical ward nurse's work on December 10, 2008. I cannot believe though she says that she is coming to Japan. She says to me that it is American's father and Ghanaian's mother's halves. However, the passport that she had sent me was a counterfeit. Photographs that she sends are only naked all photographs. She has the uncle. The uncle has Turk's wife. And, the uncle is doing the gold investment swindle. Anything doesn't have evidence where she is real existence in me.

Status of report:  will be added soon

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