First name: Lisa Russ
Last name: Ken
Aka: OutterMostLove, princesspearl, Shaibu Musah
Age: 29
Location: Accra-Ghana
Address: 17 kanda highway street, Accra-Ghana, 00233
Phone: 011 233 27 321 824 8
On websites:
Report:     I meet Lisa on 29Oct08, within 4 days she told me that she was deeply in love with me. At one point of our conversation Lisa asked if I had a webcam. I responded yes and asked if she would like to have a video conversation. Lisa stated that her computer would not install her camera and that the camera had been trashed. She then asked if I had a laptop that she could use for the video calls. I told her no but we could see if we could find one on ebay or other site. About a week ago Lisa stated that her Mom (DJuana Ervin) had been robbed. At that point she said that money was tight. I told her that money here was also tight. She ended that conversation. I told Lisa a few days ago that I didn't want to continue conversation
Status of report: is still without proof