Scam report about Rose Bellick

First name:  Rose
Last name:  Bellick
Aka:  Juliet Williams
Age:  30
Location:  Bronx, NY
Phone:  in report message
Email:  in report message
On websites:  Cherry Blossoms, Ulust
Report:  I came across her profile on Cherry Blossoms. I figured she was a scammer from the start but you never know. It’s better to consider any of these women to be one and let them prove otherwise. So far none have. I was in northern NJ and she claimed to be in the Bronx which is only an hour from me. So I contacted her. She got back to me. We started chatting on YM from the beginning. It didn’t take very long for her to start telling me about all this property she supposedly had but her evil step mother had control of it and she needed help getting it back. She wanted to know if she needed me to be there for her if I would be. We chatted 3 days and on the 4th I finally couldn’t take it any longer. I couldn’t play along anymore. Such stupid, outrageous stuff. Second day she asked if I’d buy her a ticket to come from the UK to NY. I laughed and she didn’t pursue it. She also said she had to go to UK for an interview on a project or something and hoped she’d be picked as it was a lot of money. She was into fabrics. Immediately I knew she wasn’t in the Bronx or NY because I asked her several times what part of the Bronx. Finally she told me Manhattan. NYC has five boroughs; the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. So she couldn’t be in Bronx, Manhattan. Next I told her we were only any hour apart. She was surprised. I said yes I’m in northern NJ. She didn’t know what NJ stood for. First thing to confirm who I’m communicating with I ask them if they have a webcam. Hers was broken but she saw me for 5 minutes before she was booted. I suggested rather than using YM we could talk on the phone and asked for her phone #. She said she had dropped her cell in the water and wasn’t working, but I could try it. Since she was living in one of her father’s houses, I asked for the land line. That wasn’t working either. She did give me her cell # to try, it was a 212 area code, which is highly unlikely as that exchange was used up ages ago and most New Yorkers have a 914. I called it anyway and got a live person answering and turns out it was a call forwarding service. If it was a cell phone and not working the call would have gone to her voice mail. She asked for my number and said she’d try to call me later. I gave her my internet phone #, which is a magicjack. I got it when I was in Florida so it is a Florida Keys exchange - 305. She wouldn’t say from where she’d be calling. I was on a business call and got several beeps in but ignored them. Turns out it was her but she didn’t leave a message. What I can’t figure out is how she matched my area code. The calls had a 305 prefix. However it was done they probably figured a call from the area needed that exchange. When I asked her about where she had called from she said a call center. I don’t think any such thing exists in the US. Probably does in places like Eastern Europe though. She had seen me on webcam but I told her I wouldn’t go any further if she didn’t prove to me that she was who she claimed to be. So she sent me over via YM picture sharing, a copy of her passport to prove who she was. Everyone has a scanned copy of their passport on their computer I guess. I must be missing out. She asked me what time it was and I said same time as NY and she said 10 when it was 9. So she didn’t even know the time zone she was pretending to be in. Since we were so near each other I suggest that we meet for dinner. She didn’t want to until after she came back from the trip to the UK. She didn’t know if she was ready and if she could trust me. I said I’d meet her at her nearest police station if she wanted. No go. Something really weird appeared on my screen later in the day. It was from her YM and it was in an Oriental language but not symbols. I took a print screen of it and then went to Google Translator and determined that it was Vietnamese. Very weird but more stuff. The next morning she started YMing me before 4AM and made at least a dozen attempts. We started chatting around 7:30AM. She brought up the property again and how her father’s lawyer said she needed to find a man (husband) to help her with things. I kept saying all she needed was a property manager and an attorney. She asked to see me on webcam again and I told her I lent it to my niece. She didn’t know what a niece was. She said her English wasn’t very good when the first day she said it was her primary language along with Portuguese. She claims to have grown up in Portugal but is probably Brazilian, if I had to guess. I said I had business to attend to and got off the YM a bit past 10AM. This was the day she was heading over to the UK for her appointment. I got an email from her at 2:36PM saying that she was in UK and missed me. I couldn’t take it any longer and couldn’t wait any longer for the hard sell. This woman was just too stupid. I figured I’d see how she’d explain this one. She got off YM with me and 4.5 hours later was claiming that she was already settled in a hotel in the UK. The shortest flight time I found was 7 hours and 20 minutes from JFK to London. So when we started chatting the next day I asked if she was in the UK and settled. She said she was. I asked what city. She said England. I said it isn’t a city and she said she didn’t know. Then she went into the property thing again saying she had heard from the lawyer. I made it tough on her saying none of it made any sense and she said the lawyer could explain it better and gave me the contact info and told me to tell the lawyer I was her finance. She asked if I trusted her and I said not really. She was surprised and asked why not. I told her nothing she told me made sense. She said I’m sorry but the lawyer could explain it better. I asked if he could explain time travel and several other things. She was confused and when I confronted her with the time issue with her traveling she said I was mistaken as it only takes 4 hours to go from NY to UK. Even a 4 hour flight wouldn’t have allowed for her to get there in less than double that amount of time as she had to get from the Bronx to the airport, go security, fly and then do customs on the other end. A 4 hour international flight is still going to require with all the other stuff a lot more than 4.5 hours. Probably more like 10. I told her that I didn’t believe that she had ever been in either NY or the UK as she didn’t know anything about either. She asked how I could doubt her as she even sent me a copy of her passport. She couldn’t explain anything and said that I didn’t love her, etc. That was her answer to things. I really wanted to stick it out for the hard sell but how much of this crap can one take. I chatted via YM over 6 hours with this person. Here is the address she gave me for her attorney to explain the property. COLE & ASSOCIATES(LEGAL PRACTITIONERS) FERGUSON CHAMBERS 14, NORTHUMBERLAND ROAD BECKTON, DOCKLANDS LONDON, E6 8RN ENGLAND DIRECT TEL : +447902786741 CONTACT NAME: ABRAHAM COLE. ESQ EMAIL:

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