Scam report about Mary Thompson

First name:  Mary
Last name:  Thompson
Aka:  Linda Smith
Age:  28
Location:  Nigeria
On websites:  yahoo personals
Report:  Contacted through yahoo personals, claims to be a missionary in Nigeria teaching kids aids awareness, falls in love with you and sends photos,uses Gods word to build trust,after a weeks corresponding she asked for money to help get back a bracelet, or her internet would be shut off, sent $350 to her supposedly supervisor Mary Thompson, zip code-23401, city-Abeoukuta, State-Ogun,Country-Nigeria to get her braclet back. Through emails and IM, I knew there was something up, as she would always say 'Don't tell anyone' and lets keep this a secret until I get back. The big tip was that 'she' would ask me questions in emails, I would respond, and she wouldn't know the answers from the email (like she was never reading the email.) 'She' was good, I told her times that I would be online, and she would always be prompt, we would chat for hours. I was hesitant on sending the money, but I did. She immediately dropped offline.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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