Scam report about Mariya Balezina

First name:  Mariya
Last name:  Balezina
Age:  36
Location:  Russia,
Address:  Lenina 18-3, Noviy (said that it was a suburb to Yakutsk)
Phone:  +7 9027430716
Report:  She took contact with me at a Swedish dating site, urged that I had to send her a email. That was in beginning of September. I said that we needed to meet. She had no money for the ticket. I sent her 2 x 500 USD, 6 November and 13 november. 25 november she called and said that she needed 1500€ on a bank account to apply visa for Sweden. I then realized that this was a scam. Earlier she said “travel agency will arrange all documents”. I contacted Swedish embassy in Moscow and the had no Mariya Balezina applying for visa … The hell started! I asked her (trying to trick her) at what hotel she was staying, answer was Hotel Tourist (over 8000 hits in google), the room had no telephone. I said that some from the Swedish embassy would contact her. Then I said that the hotel itself must have a phone number, she sent a fake number on SMS. Then she starting treating with police, she must sleep in railway station and so on. I refused to speak to her in telephone, said that she could send me an email if she had anything to say to me. I gave her the chance to scan a copy of her passport and mail me. She refused. I then said that she could go to the Swedish embassy, talk to person there and send that persons name on SMS. I then would call the embassy and talk to that person, asking who is sitting in front of you…she refused… I have filed a police report here in Sweden about that, hoping that she had to show a valid ID at Western Union office when she picked up the money. The I can know who is the thief…

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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