Scam report about Patricia Solomon

First name:  Patricia
Last name:  Solomon
Aka:  loverjully
Age:  27
Location:  South Africa, West Africa, Ghana
Phone:  222 209 271 900
On websites:  Club10 extensively
Report:  I met this woman on the Club10 dating site, primarily for meeting Russian woman. I was very discreet with this woman because of her age and she was pretending to be the coy type. Our conversations were brief and we did exchange some photos. I went on Club10 and saw that she had poster her profile again, but under a different name. Got a little curious. The conversations we held using Yahoo Messenger became frequent and very long. Started saying how nice I was and that she is starting to fall in love with me. Red flags went up. I went back on Club10 and four more photos of her; all using different member numbers and names. When I asked her about this, she denied she did this and said it must be someone using her photos because those were the photos she had given to Club10. Of course, I became suspicious of this. One of the photos used I see on this site, (the one with her sitting at a table using the laptop). One of the photos used was her in the fitting red dress, by the staircase, (same as posted on this site) but a different pose. She gave me her number to call her and although I tried, the connection was terrible, but she has been very frequent now in connecting with me. Although she has not come out and ask for money, we did discuss sending money but she told me she did not understand how Western Union works, plus she had no ID and if money is sent, I am to put it in her cousins name; a guy by the name of Michael (same last name). She would go with him to pick it up. So far that has been it but I guess she is setting me up to work her game.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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