SCAM REPORT ABOUT  susan plets

First name: susan
Last name: plets
Aka: nigaria birth place moscow
Age: 31
Location: nigaria
On websites: rbrides/dateme free / russian dates
Report:     i reasently have had a relashionship with susan i met her in site called date me free she has seant me many photos good and bad she sead she was recineing in a church were a pasture is takeing care of her till she can go back to russia her birth place she had told me she was working in a day care as a teacher and she needed help with some money i needed to send it to the church for her to come on a plain to me in usa and i would go to russia to live with her posable get married well i did some resurch on her threw a freand who works for world embasy he found out i will give you the info i just whant to aplie when i sent the money she told me that here church had a problume reaceaving it becouse of a terrist messer that had bin going on well info i found out is she is not from nigaria she is born and rased from moscow were she has two sisters and her parents she is also 36 and not a real blond black hair also the church adress she uses has bin traced from this date as frod so the only way she could asept anything was thruw the person she calles the revrane its a freand that dose posting boxes be carefull to all i even whent to go meet her in nigaria to bring her to usa no show i feel bad but u now i dont whant anyone els to go thruwe what i whent thruwe e mail me if you deed to ask more on susan plets
Status of report: is still without proof