First name: EKATERINA (Katya)
Last name: KISLOVA
Age: 29
Email: Katya Kislova (
On websites: YAHOO.COM
Report:     Statement About Scammers : Katya KISLOVA re: EKATERINA KISLOVA -ZELENODOLSK I first had contact with Ekaterina Kislova when I was on an English Web Site named DATING DIRECT and she contact me on m the site on 26th August of 2008 which I have documented. I then made contact with her and a flow of mail started on a reasonably regular basis, with the exchange of pictures both ways. All of which are documented. Up until mid-late September we continue to have contact. At this point Miss Ekaterina Kislova then mentioned that she wanted to come over to England and the usual ploy came up on the question of money for Visa, Passport and Flight Ticket. That cost me nearly e600Euros($900 Dollars) and I sent this money to her through WESTERN UNION, who are involved in shipping this money to Russia I then at this point had been then caught unbeknown to me in a 'Honey Trap’. This whole area was new ground to me as it has been for many other Men, English, American and the trap was obviously set. Thinking that was it I feel for another ploy that she told me that because she needed money before she could leave Russia, would I loan her the sum of e1850Euros, this was sent to her by WESTERN UNION, the key to this crime, which she would give back to me at the Airport, as she needed to demonstrate to the Immigration Police that she had funds to survive on arriving in England. On that trust and insisting that she gives me copies of her Passport and VISA I agreed when I had seen, as this was my evidence of authenticity of her. Her Flight was then planned for her to Arrive at GATWICK AIRPORT on October 28th around 13:00pm, she was Flying in believe from Kazan to Moscow and then to Kaliningrad and onto GATWICK AIRPORT. Katya s Flight details were departure from Moscow Airport (Domodedovo) at 08:55 Tuesday 28th October, Arrival at 11:10 on FLIGHT KD516 at Kaliningrad then her departure on Flight KD715 on a Boeing737-300due to arrive at Gatwick 13:30 Tuesday 28th, She would have been in transit for 7hours 35 minutes She advised me that her flight left and she was a Moscow Airport at Domodevo Terminal, where she says she was apprehended by the Border Control Police, who searching her luggage after checking that she had enough foreign currency that I had loaned her then sad the police discovered she was carrying a Russian Icon to bring to me from Zelenodolsk as a gift from her Grandmother, which I cannot dispute. She was detained by the Border Police for the whole of that day and after having a Lawyer provided to support her was eventually released and sent back to Zelenodolsk with the threat of a Statutory Fine of $4,351 Dollars to pay as a Fine, which she did not have and with the threat of going to Prison. she contacted me on her return as I had been waiting all day for her to appear at Gatwick Airport even made repeated attempts to check through the Russian Carriers KD Arriva based in Kaliningrad with a carrier agent at Gatwick Airport who were not able to give out details of the passenger mandate on her flight, so I waited some 5 hours without any news and returned home totally disappointed until I got Katy KISLOVAS phone call, to tell about this saga. I had to believe her as I had no other grounds to believe otherwise. It appeared that a Court Process took place in ZELENODOLSK on or around 5th November. When the 'Court', I have no proof confirmed she had been fined the $4,351Dollars. It would appear that the loan of $1,980Dollars from me was she said used to partly pay the Court. I have no proof of this fact and can only go on what I have been told to date. I have considerable information that relates to her Visa and Passport Details I had insisted she gave to me and can supply on REQUEST AS BELOW I HAVE TO HAND: EKATRERINA KISLOVA's PASSPORT/VISA... PASSPORT DETAILS:49No.4526682 Original dated: 15 October 2008 VISA DETAILS; UK 6735622 Original dated 15th October 2008 I CAN SUPPLY A NUMBER OF PHOTOGRPAHS OF HER AND SUPPORTED BY THE MOSY APPROPRIATE LETTERS FROM HER TO ME AND ME TO HER PLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS YOU NEED TO MY HOME NUMBER IS ++44(0)1892 668598 England. KIND REGARDS I WAIT YOU’RE CALL. Brian Lethby SADLY I GOT CAUGHT UP WITH SOMEONE ELSE OF A SIMILAR NAME ON YOUR BOOKS BUT HOPEFULLY AN INNOCENT PARTY. WHO I MAY ALSO CONTACTING YOU ABOUT A MISS TATYANA SEBANTSEVA ALSO OF ZELENODOLSK; Zip Code: 420043 City Zelenodolsk StreeT - Lenina 48 RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Status of report: is still without proof