First name: Sidney
Last name: Jones
Aka: Rose Johnson
Age: 20-25
Location: U.S./Australia
On websites: OKCupid
Report:     I found this girl's profile on this site and her picture was cute and her profile seemed convincing so I sent her a message. She got my YIM username somehow and the next time I logged in I found messages from her saying she wanted to talk and get to know me better. She sounded eager to talk to me. She said that for some reason her message to me on the site didn't get through, so I thought it sounded suspicious. I went to check the site and it said her message was spam and her account had been deactivated. She sent me the same email twice on Yahoo, from the two emails listed above. I will load the email on here. This is the second or third spammer I've dealt with this week. Not really the most convincing either. At least she had a good story.
Status of report: is still without proof