Scam report about Willisha Isaac

First name:  Willisha
Last name:  Isaac
Age:  28
Location:  United Kingdom
On websites:
Report:  I met this women on a dating site listed above, after chating with her for a couple of days she wants to marry me says she is working on a project in the United Kingdom, then told me she was almost raped by her boss, has avoided many of my questions about some pics I have dug up on other sites, I have found no record of her claim to be from Garland Texas. I have recorded several leters from her to me and several pictures, One I think matches one on this site, But with a different name and profile Now she wants me to send her money for a plane ticket to come back to the U S, Have not sent money but another e-mail as to asking why she wants me to send money for her ticket.I suspect she is a scammer, Has told me she loves me and can't wait to be my wife, She also has other ID's on the same site, But avoids my inquirys about them. I am currently still getting e-mails from her. Some of what i read is the same, I also think she is scamming some other people at the same time as me cause of the e-mails I have recieved are about nothing we have discussed, and her english changes in a few of the e-mails..I think it's about to catch up to her..

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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