Scam report about Francisca Milla

First name:  Francisca
Last name:  Milla
Aka:  Naomi Bello, Kalechi E
Age:  28
Location:  Lago, Nigeria
Phone:  2347036279154
On websites:  Black Planet, Club10
Report:  I had a report added to this scammers profile on December 10, 2008, but I thought I should add this one as well. Even though I have nothing more to do with this scammer, I beleive since we talked so much, he or she is trying to gain my confidence by proving they are who they say they are. So what does this scammer do? They send me a passport but you can tell that it is a fake document, and a horrible fake at that. Look at the picture, definitely dropped in and the signature is different. The more they try to convince, the more shaky their story and evidence gets. This passport is definitely a FAKE!! How desperate must these people be to get money.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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