Scam report about Daria Dyachkova

First name:  Daria
Last name:  Dyachkova
Aka:  Anna Semonova
Age:  28 or 29
Location:  Lugansk, Ukraine
On websites:
Report:  Daria is now on UkraineDate with photo. 2 more photos to follow. She is using I am exchanging email and asked for additional photos. dateSat, Dec 13, 2008 at 1:28 AM subjectanna hide details 1:28 AM (7 hours ago) Reply Hello!! Thanks for your e-mail!! I am glad to hear from you!!! i want to tell you a bit about myself-my name is Anna. I was born on April 2 1980.I live in Lugansk,Ukraine! I am 168 sm.,58kg.I am a teacher at primary school!My parents are wonderful people,i live separately from they but i try to see them more often,it is a bit difficult because they live so far from me,in the village!!My mother is patient and warm hearted!I admire my father for his strong character!!May be it is a bit fondly and childly but there are some moments in life when one feels lost and nothing is left but a deep sign!!I am happy that i can cast all my troubles and concerns to my Mom and Dad!!They understand and comfort me!!I feel safe,the little world within my family is perfect!!I am the only child in the family!!But i have a lot of friends.They are really good and i enjoy spending time and relaxing with them:to watch movies,listen to music,go to the dance clubs,cafes,cinemas or just talk about the events of the day!!I like to read books and newspapers, do sports,sing and COOK!!The things i hope to achieve in life:to have a very successful career,i want to have my own theatre,a healthy life,to have a house of my dreams and to find someone to share my life with!! Shortly i can describe myself by the words of Tolstoy,Russian writer,who said:^I do not have everything that i like but i like everything that i have.^ And it is me!!! Anna.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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