First name: Lauren
Last name: Dada
Aka: sacilelady
Age: 28
Location: Niger
Phone: +2347060602702
On websites:
Report:     She approached me thru match, started by telling a tragic story of her, both her parent passed away, lonely, told me she was borned in UK but was settled in US to work as clothing model, her boyfriend cheated on her and had her almost committed suicide, her promoter sent her to Nigeria in west africa, but left her alone there to work and had her stuck in nigeria. After two weeks of emailing each other, as soon as i fell in luv with her, she tells me that she is coming to see me. But then realised to google her name and fond this. She sent several pictures of her. I fully suspect that it's not the real person of the pictures that i've been emailing all these times. She calld me 3 times on the phone. then she send me phone number if i want to call her. she allways sayd that she comeing to see me soon. In the last call she sayd that she is comeing on next see me. But after finding this website i send her leter to ask what it?s all abouth she has not anser my mail. Love don?t come so easyly!!!!
Status of report: is still without proof