SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Anshela Alekseeva

First name: Anshela
Last name: Alekseeva
Aka: Irina Volkova
Age: 28
Location: Russia Kazan and Malahovka
On websites: City of brides
Report:     I met this girl at City of brides in October.After lot of letters I started to ask her for her phone number but she said in one letter that she would call me but she never did.One evening I read a letter from her,there she tells me that she is falling in love with me.I honestly thought that she was an honest lady in her search for a better life.She told me that she lives in Kazan in Russia and working as an hairdresser and also her English was good.She never asked me for money all this time so I thought with myself that maybe I would like to present her with a Christmas gift to show her that I was in fact hoping that with her I was going to build up something beautiful between us.She wrote to me this wonderful letter in the beginning of this month a wonderful letter.I was always thinking about why she never calld me to my mobile phone and one evening I decided to make a fake hotmail address and wrote to her under a diffrent name.Yes she answerd this letter and wanted to know more about this guy I pretended to be.She wrote to this fake address two letters telling this guy that she was so dissapointed why I never wrote back.I had no idea what to do.Then I have not had any letters from her since that.Yesterday night when I was opening this web-site City of Brides and on the front page comes photos of ladies that are not online but by clicking on the photos on the top you can open the lady?s profile.There at the top I saw the photo of this lady that was Anzhela but it was a photo that she never had sent to me.I opend the profile and guess what I found out.There she was living in this town of Malahovka under the name of Irina Volkova with a diffrent date of birth and working as an Lawyer.This is the story of me and this scammer.She is going down this scammer into your scammer web site. Runi.
Status of report: is still without proof