Scam report about Marina Devochka

First name:  Marina
Last name:  Devochka
Age:  28
Location:  Kazan
Report:  letter 1 Hello Rob!I am very glad to receive your letter! I hope very much, that we can find common language and begin our dialogue! I am 28 and I live in Russia. I want to learn you very much, what you like and dislike! But all over again I want to tell a little bit about myself! I am very active girl, I like to learn all new, I like to get acquainted with new people. I cannot sit on one place, I have many friends and familiar. I love fresh air and walks on park. I also love jogs in the mornings when it is warm in street. I love sports, in the childhood I was engaged in ball dances (a waltz, a tango).My work is connected with the best, that is in our life. I work as a baby - sister for children. I work with children of different age, you do not represent, what happiness for me to see, how children grow, how they smile! It is really wonderful! Do you love work?I very much like to cook meals, I like to enjoy what is made by hands, I heard, what men are best cooks. Kitchen of what country do you prefer?I love pets very much, especially cats, but unfortunately, I cannot have their at house because I have not enough time, I work much and consequently I have no time to look after pets! Do you have pets? I keep up my figure, I never sat on diets, but I try to look after myself, I have very good figure and I am proud of it! I can tell about family, that I live with mum, I love mum, she wants, that I am happy and have got man of my dream.With my friends I frequently want in any cafes where it is possible to sit and talk, relax and drink some little red wine! I love red wine, what alcoholic drinks you prefer? I love flowers, is especial the tulips, most of girls love roses, but I love tulips! I want to explore all world, I want to see many countries, exotic countries. When I went to school I liked look at the globe if it is fair. Even now I frequently do it! I want to see all the world, I want to glance in each corner of this wonderful world! I shall be very glad to receive your letter! Best regards Marina Further next letters about travel and visa and ask help for this. She didn't even notice I wrote her in 2 letters, I live most of my time in Kiev for my work where you don't need visa when you come from Russia!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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