First name: Estrella
Last name: Pumar
Age: 17 or 18
Location: Cebu, Philippines
Address: 222 Kalahi Street Poblacion
Phone: 6329182760605
Email: estrella _
On websites:
Report:     This young Woman works in conjunction with 3 other partners. One is her mother, one is her Auntie travel agent and the other is an Uncle. This scam involves wanting money for her younger sister who has luekemia in phillipines to pay for her medication. Then there is the uni exam fees she cant afford. If you get that far you are asked for airline ticket , visa, medical check ups, money to help poor mum, tradition money, you name it. It always involves at least 2 players namely Gina who is her Aunty. Gina requires money for tickets, visas, hotel accomodation etc. A very professionl setup I must admit. Very skillful and great actors. Would win an academy award or make for a best seller. I lost 3,000 dollars before I woke up to it. I am actually not a gullable person but they just caught me at my most vunerable point of life.
Status of report: is still without proof