Scam report about Nataliya Skrebatoun

First name:  Nataliya
Last name:  Skrebatoun
Age:  25
Location:  Russia
Report:  Email addresses used by the scammer: First, this is was easy to spot but I have a lot of computer experience. So, first rule is don't trust anyone. Check the following tips. Observations regarding this particular experience and maybe others: 1. Even if you decide to continue to write to the person, STOP at the moment she talks about money. You can't put a price on love. 2. Scammers don't have time to sit down and write all these emails to a lot of people. They write a number of emails in sequence and then make some kind of automatic script to send them. 3. They send 1 or 2 emails from one account, then close the account so they can't be traced, send a couple more from a different account and so on. Someone who's really interested in you, writes you from the same email address so you can just hit

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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