Scam report about Anna (Anya) Tetereva

First name:  Anna (Anya)
Last name:  Tetereva
Age:  28
Location:  Donetsk, Ukraine
Address:  Gagarina St. 42/18, DONETSK, Ukraine 83000
On websites:  AdultFriendFinder
Report:  Makes first contact. She is clever and her English is good. A large selection of photos are sent with each daily message. However, it is clear with hindsight that she's targeting several victims at once as large parts of her letters are also impersonal; and it's here too that she makes the occasional slip-up, which, had I been more suspcious, should have given her away. She is also far too quick to pronounce that you are the man of her dreams. It takes her a few weeks to say she has four weeks leave soon - and that's when the passport / visa stories come out. And if you are mug enough to fall for these, she'll announce that her beloved grandmother has taken sick and she can't possibly come over any time soon. Watch out for her - she's smart and tenacious.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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