Scam report about Irina Koryakovceva

First name:  Irina
Last name:  Koryakovceva
Age:  25
Location:  Russia, Kirov
Email:  lapo4kairina
On websites:  plentyoffish
Report:  A few days ago she asked if i would open up a bank account, with no money in it, and send her the details to the account, so that a friend could send some money from India into it, and then i send the money on to her. sounds to good to be true doesn't it, someone i dont know put money into my account!!! i told her no a couple of times i wanted nothing to do with it. i decided to google her email and here i am. whilst i have been typing this she has sent me a letter saying that without the help of her friend she will not have any money to come and see me, and although she doesn't want to ask me, she still needs my help. lol. the first letter sent to me from her was exactly the same as Vladmir's except the first couple of lines. i feel gutted as i have just found out, just glad i didn't go to far. 2 months i fell for this shit. lol

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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