Scam report about Kelly J. Smith

First name:  Kelly J.
Last name:  Smith
Aka:  Kellylover092
Age:  31
Location:  Fort Worth, Texas, United States
On websites:
Report:  NIGERIAN SCAMMER. Last letter: Hi Eduardo. How are you doing today, I hope you have a great sleep honey?.... I will like to tell you what i am going through i just have to tell you this because i see you as an honest and sincerely man to be with...What really happened is that i am the only daughter of my family and my dad have an oil company in the States he also have many houses ,as the only Daughter of my parents they will's all there property on my name after there death i want you to know that i have always love my ex boyfriend so much,I change all my name on the property to his name, I did this just for the love i have for him..I want you to know that i never knew he was a gold digger and he was after my parents property he sold the oil company,also the house's all that belong to me...I never knew this before i got to know he have already sold everything.... After all his bad behaviors with his new wife, I left the states to United Kingdom,because my mum have a house in UK by the time i got there i also found out that he sold my mum house in UK,i was so mad and i don't know what to do any more.. Before my dad died,he use to tell me that he had a 500 Acre's of land in west africa Nigeria,I left UK to west africa ,i have all the documents of the land with me.I got to west africa and i found the land i want you to know that the land is all i have left. I have been in africa for weeks now and the Nigeria Government bought the land from me because i put FOR SALE on the land...I sold the land for the government in Nigeria for $2.5million {$2.5,000,000:00 }...After i was paid i took the money to a bank in here to transfer the money to an account,i was told that they can not transfer money from Nigeria to another country because they are underdeveloped here,i want you to know that i went to about 10 banks and i was told the same that the can only transfer within there country ... The Antiques and Artifact i told you about is just to cover up the true story because i don't really know you ,we meet at the internet and i am not okay with that relationship because of what happen to me lately, am scared now because i don't want all this bad boys of Nigeria to find out that i have this kind of money with me, because i might get setup and they can kill me and have the money.... I have to go and deposit the money in a security company...I have put the money in two boxes wish i have lock with 4 codes and its only me can open the boxes with the 4 codes and i do not let anyone no that i have money in the boxes,i want you to know that i have deposited the money with a security company,the company is a Private shipment company....and there is no problem with the boxes when the company are shipping the boxes.Now i am needing your help and trust with this,i want you to help me with this boxes...honey i want to come over to your end and start a new life again and also i hope you are really serious having a serious relationship with me, well I have to ask this because of what i have go through in the past... I need your trust and help with this boxes,i want the boxes to be shipped to you while i come to you as soon as you get the boxes,I know we have just met and i know i can trust you with this money...because my heart is set on you and my heart tell me that i can trust you...this is where we have to build our trust and Honey can i trust you with this and will you help me?Trust is Letting others know your feelings, emotions and reactions, and having the confidence in them to respect you and to not take advantage of you,Trust is Sharing your inner feelings and thoughts with others with the belief that they will not spread them indiscriminately..30% of the money is yours and also what kind of investment do you think we can do as soon as the boxes get to you,also i will like us to buy a new house we can leave and be together...i want you to know that what is mine is always yours for someone i love...i hope to read from you soon and i hope you are not gonna get mad at me with all this....With all good wishes, Lot of Affections, Kelly

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