SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Elina Svietlova

First name: Elina
Last name: Svietlova
Aka: Lina, Linary
Age: 33
Location: Kostyantynivskyi, Krasnolimanskiy, Lughansk
Phone: 380951115867
On websites: Ukraine date
Report:     I met LIna on line in a date site called Ukrainedate and after 2 emails she sent me her phone number saying she did not like to email but would prefer to speak on the phone so she sent me her number and we started to converse she said everything I wanted to hear sp after about 2 months of this I decided to go to ukraine to meet her I told her to meet me in Kiev and immediately she asked me for funds for a plane ticket as she was gpoing to fly from Lughansk to Kiev so i went on line and checked, and she came back with the sum of $500 so I sent it to her I then booked us a apartment with 2 seperate room in Kiev and I flew to meet her she met me at the airport with a taxi at my costs got back to the apartment settled into each other room and started to go out then next day i brought her breakfast in bed but remained a gentleman I wanted to go out, but she wanted to sleep, so feeling a little tired myself, I slept also as I had a long flight. I noticed her luggage did not have a luggage tag from the airport, thats because she took the train for $50 and kept the other $450 for herself so day 3 in Kiev I was up early around 8 and she slept until 1 pm then took 3 hours to get ready and we went out by 4 where she took me immediately to a very expensive store and picked out $1100 dollars worth of cloths, and ased me to pay for an idiot I did then later at the apartment I asked to see whay she bought so she took a minute and showed me, then said she felt funny as I wanted to see the cloths she told me it is normal for men from other countries to come to Ukraine and spend lots of money on girls, its in our culture. so I said lets go out tomorrow morning early and she said I have to sleep every day until 12-30 or 1 pm so if you want to go out you can but I am gonna sleep until mid day so I waited and waited and she got up at 12-30 took 3 hours to get ready and we went out for dinner, now it is november and it gets dark by 5 pm in Ukraine at this time of year. so later that evening we got talking about relationships and she said it takes her a long time to get close to someone as she has to see how that person will treat her. so realizing I was being used by a professional I got up early then next day and moved out of the apartment and never saw her again dont waste your time on Elina Svietlova, she is a user and taker of men.
Status of report: is still without proof