First name: Vida
Last name: Asamoah
Aka: Mary Owusu, Vida Amoako, Fosu Berko, Rosemond Fosu
Age: 32
Location: Ghana, Accra
Phone: +233272587101
Email:; mary_owusu3000;
Report:     This woman, is a very sweet talker, chatting etc. but has a convincing way of trying to get money for anything possible. She collects information about others posible to get to know them, for the purpose of stealing and forgery, by paying close attention when chatting with her or by e-mail, she can be trapped with her lies. She loves to play around with forging documents, etc. and convince that she need some money for travel, etc. I almost fell for it, but got a rude wakeup call, after she got to know, that my girl there in Accra was out of town, shwe had her way to visit, steal and alter the documents for my girls property and got away with it. We are still aguing with the police, that this papers are forged and so the signatures. This woman ty to steal enough money to disapear into the USA or Canada. The pictures I have, which she is using, acording to my girl and the police, is not her, but she is posting and using them for the messenger
Status of report: is still without proof