Scam report about Svetlana Guskova

First name:  Svetlana
Last name:  Guskova
Aka:  Tatyana Kovareva
Age:  31
Location:  Zelenyi Dol,Kazan
Address:  Apartment 37, house 8, Mira Street, index 424000, Russia
Email: &
Report:  Letter 1 Hello! I see that you the interesting person and we should getacquainted with you as much as possible and better. We can a lot ofnew and interesting to learn about the friend the friend. Probably inthe following letter I shall begin the story about myself. Write to meat once as you can and some photos send me, it will be interesting tome to look at them still time. I shall wait from you for the answerwith impatience! Svetlana.... Letter 2 Hello, my dear new friend Pete!Thank you for your interest to me.I would like very much to start a correspondence with you for knowing eachother and build up a wonderful relationship. I am so interesting in you!but,I don't know what to start with, cause, i'm for the first time in the Internet.Ok, I'll try...anyway I hope that something will come of it.As you might have already guessed I am in search of a kind,good,loving, respectable and generous man.And I hope you match this criterion.And I also hope that you will find in me everything you want =) so I'll tell you a little about myself...First of all, my name is Svetlana,but my friends call me Sveta... I live in the west of Russia, in a little town called Kazan.It's very small, and looks like a village, but it's nice!And I like it a lot!yes, there are no any places to go, like restaurants...and big shopping centers,but we have lots of different picturesque places!))) As you understand, i live along, in a rent parents live in another town, but it's only a half an hour from me by bus,so practically every weekend i go to visit them!i decided to live along, cause I want to be separate from my parents, and try to build my own family...but i realized, that it's unimaginable in this town, and country,cause i have such sense no one man here don't even think about smth serious,they think only about a girl for the night...Like women all are toys...but I hope you understand that it's not so... as about my inside world,you can't see it on the photo =), so i'll try to tell you about it...It's difficult to describe my own character... People, closed to me consider me reliable, loyal,trustworthy,honest, optimistic, tender,caring, sensual, affectionate and adventurous person.I am also and open-minded person,very romantic and have a good sense of humor.but i hope soon when we'll know each other better, maybe you'll tell me your own oppinion!=) As about my aims,so I intend to meet serious man for relation. Do you agree with me?In relation with man, first of all, I appreciate love, loyalty, reliability,support and understanding to each other.The main thing for me in my life is to create a strong, healthy family based on harmonious,warm and sincere relations.I see an ideal future for me in devoting myself to the family.that's why I decided to find a man from abroad. I'm really very interested in you and I'm waiting impatiently for your letterand send me please more photos of you! oh, and i forget to tell you that I can easily speak English! Best regardsyour new friend Svetlana.... Letter 3 Hello Pete!When I got your letter again I was very pleased.To get your letter means that you want to continue our correspondenceand you also have some hopes and desires concerning me and I feel so good because of it:)At first I'd like to say, that,I'm glad that you are older me since I like mature men.For me age doesn't matter but I didn't know if it problem to you?Age shouldn't be important, so long as the maturity level is there and both people share common interests and enjoy each other’s company.I like independent men that know what they want.I need the right man to fill the empty space in my life, a man who is searching for the right woman to help complete her.I have never understood why I haven't been able to find my better-half. Probably not there searched???I shall continue the story about me (In replacements, I want from you same).so As I have already told you, I work as a cosmetologist in a local hospital.but i have a dream to have my own salon)))so my day begins at 6 in the morning, cause I work from 8, and I need to i work from 8 to 6 in the evening,it's rather long day, but I like it!when i come back home I usually relax in front of the tv set, or just read an interesting book!I like to read and dream about the feature...about my second half...and i hope one day I'll not dream, just live my own story...let's see...I think the dream and goal of everyone is to be happy. It is simple and difficult in the same way.Another thing is for everyone idea of the happiness is different.As for me it is very simply to be happy. It's being together with my beloved man!Also I have a quite common human dreams about the family ,love,health and wonderful relationship.The main thing for me in my life is to create a relationship,based on true love, harmonious,warm and sincere relations.I'd like to meet a reliable man, delicate, faithful and understanding, with whom we'll have a warm and kind relationship,understanding,love and kindness.The age difference and financial status of my beloved man are not important for me.I see an ideal future for me in devoting myself to my beloved man and to the family.I am from very nice family. My mother works in a school, she is a teacher.My father is an engineer in the plant. and they are very happy together for 25 years already, so they are like an example for me!But I live alone, I rent my flat not far from my parents as I have already told you... I have a lot of hobby and interests: sport, nature, animals, cooking, travelling, art, music, concerts, theatre and so on.I would like to have a lot of interests together with my future man. I like movies very much. From films I love comedies and melodramas.Especially some foreign like American and French.and what about you?what movies do you like?Also, i don't smoke, and drink very seldom, on different celebrations, but a little, maybe a glass of red vine, or champagne)))and what about you?Also,I like music very much, especially pop one, I adore Beyounce.I enjoy arranging comfort in my home and I dream of spending in family circle many wonderful evenings. I like to tidy up our flat,to wash dishes. I like an order at home.I adore flowers, I have many of them in my home and sometimes I have too many that I have to present them to my friends and relatives. I like to cook very much!I collect different recipes of different food. I can cook everything.But general I prefer to eat the healthy food,like salad ,vegetable ,fish.and tell me about yours favorite dishes! so...I think I'll finish now...and I'll tell you more in my next letter! I am sending my another photo.I am looking forward to your letter.My best regardsYour friend Svetlana. Letter 4 Good day my dear Pete!I'm so happy to get your reply!May be it's a destiny, that I have met you in the Internet...How are you? I hope,fine.Thank you very much for your wonderful letter . I really like it very much.It seems like we have a lot in common with you and search for the same.I hope that we will continue our relationship and become true friends or may be even more?Smile I would really like it. Do you like to travel? I like to travel very much.but I have never been abroad...Though I have not been to many places but every time I go to another city it is like holiday for me.You know it seems sometimes that when you come to another city where nobody knows you change and some new thoughts came to your mind.I like this feeling of something new. It seems to me that the best way to cure depression it is to change the place and new impressions will fill you.My dream is to travel to Italy and Egypt. These countries are something special to my mind. There is some mystery in them for me.But I would never travel on my own. It would be great to do it together with my beloved.and what about you?do you have any countries of your dream, where you have never been, but really want it? Darling, What are your dreams and hopes? I dream to have a very beautiful family where love is the center of the family.I want to be in total love with my husband and I want him to love me with all his heart.I want to love him so much that when wake up I can't tear myself away from him.I want him to be my best friend, the person I laugh with, cry with, learn with, and experience life with.I don't believe in just being with someone because you don't want to be by yourself, that is an empty feeling.I am looking for the man that will capture my heart and invite me into his heart.I have a lot of love in my heart and I am ready to give it to someone, the right one.I am at the point in my life that a family is very important to me.I am not here to play games,cause, I'm quite adult for only correspondence and letters...With true love, life has more meaning and the world becomes more beautiful.But for is still rather strange to search in the interenet...but i believe in destiny!I believe, that if smth need to happen in your life it'll happen not looking at anithing!what do you think about it?When 2 people

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