Scam report about Sarah Dickson

First name:  Sarah
Last name:  Dickson
Age:  31
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Address:  Post Office 70, Alajo-Accura
Phone:  None Given
On websites:  BlackPeopleMeet and Adult Singles
Report:  She IM'd me when I was on BlackPeopleMeet and asked to swap to Yahoo IM. I did and over the next weeks we IM'd on a daily basis. Soon afterwards she said I was the man she had been looking for, wanted to come to the US. Repeatedly used a lot of terms of endearment such as My Darling, You Melt My Heart, etc., etc. She claimed she lives with her mother and 20 year old sister; father out of town on business and doesn't know when he'll return. Has a desktop PC but no telephone. Said her house does not have a address. Said her phone is wireless and doesn't have an actualy telephone number. Said her mother owns some kind of clothing store in Accra,Ghana. Asked me for money to buy a cell phone, claiming she lost hers. I offered to send a prepaid calling card but she said it would not work there. I told her I had a second cell phone I could send her, she immediately wanted to know what kind of chip it had, claiming only one type of chip will work. Asked me to send her a IPOD and went on the internet to find the one she wanted. Only provided two photos which were professionally taken. When I questioned her/him about it, asking how she could afford to pay for a professional photo but has no phone; had a dektop PC, but no phone or home address, she began to get defensive. Said she'd give me her brother's address, but, to my regret, I didn't accept it. I began to become more and more suspicious and found she had posted the exact same photo on Adult Singles, there using the name BERTHA. Twice I asked her if she had ever posted on another dating site and each time she denied having done so. I asked if the name BERTHA rang a bell and she became silent. When I told her I suspected her story, she said I was about to make her cry and accused me of hurting her. In our last conversation, I told her I suspected her of being a scammer, her response was

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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