Scam report about Maame Paker

First name:  Maame
Last name:  Paker
Aka:  Wendy Banks
Age:  31
Location:  Abuja, Nigeria
Phone:  +447024032589, +2348062922254
On websites:  Pink Cupid
Report:  I have been in contact with this girl now for 4months over the internet and phone. She claimed she was from the UK living in London. A few weeks after we started talking she asked me for money for a laptop because she was using her friends laptop to talk to me. (Being that I knew nothing about being scammed, hardly even heard of it before) I sent her nearly $500AUD. So we continued talking. Around mid december she told me she was going to Nigeria to do some modeling work for 2 weeks. Whilst she was over there I received emails, txts and phonecalls from her telling me she missed me and loved me. End of december comes around and she tells me she needs money for documents for a lawyer to finalise her modeling contracts and by this time I had already fallen for her, so I agreed and sent her $800AUD. The next week roles around, she tells me that she needs to open a bank account which will cost alot of money. I sent her more money, another $1500AUD to cover costs she may have whilst there. Looking back on it now, I see how stupid I really was... but I did love this girl. I am still currently in contact with her. I caught her out earlier this week (I had no idea till a few days ago that I was being scammed), she asked me for $1200USD for some certificates to allow the money from her modeling contract to be deposited into MY account in Australia. She told me she wanted to pay me back all the money she owed me, plus give me extra to get whatever I wanted to thank me for all my help. I checked with my bank (coz I finally started to realise that things were a bit funny) and sure enough these certificates don't exist. I confronted her and she insisted she wasen't scamming me, still is up until right this second! Now I found her on here I know that it was all a stupid scam. She continues to call and write txts to my phone, tells me she loves me or whatever. What does she think I'm gonna do , send her more money??!!!! Stupid Woman! ....Though I am pretty stupid too, was taken for a good, long ride. Never again! Guess I will just have to play her as best I can.

Status of report:  will be added soon

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