Scam report about Helen Fredrick

First name:  Helen
Last name:  Fredrick
Aka:  Trish J
Age:  22-35
Location:  Madrid, Spain, & Malaga, Spain
Address:  Calle Rafaela No 3, Loacal 12009, Malaga, Spain
Report:  She sometimes uses a nonexistant Global Travel Agency in Madrid, Spain.She tells you almost immediately she has fallen in love with you and if you will send $2600 she can get the paper work done and be with you in america within h just a few days. If you refuse to send that money she will ask you to send her money for the bridal cost which includes the dress, accessories, drinks and a $5oo+ payment to her father.If uyou refuise to do either she is gone immediately. Thios same girl is also on the TAGGED dating site under the name of Trish J and gives her residence as in Manhatten, NY, USA. She looks a lot like the girl you have as listed as Linda Robbert.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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