Scam report about kelly holmes

First name:  kelly
Last name:  holmes
Age:  28
Location:  tigard, oregon phoenix, arizona
On websites:  Yahoo IM
Report:  I met kelly on yahoo personals september 2008. Went to yahoo IM, from there she pulled the same scheme of being in toronto, Canada and needing money for blueprints from a travis hodges in shawnee, ok. I stumbled across travis hodges myspace and emailed him and he denied everything but told me he talked on yahoo IM with kelly holmes for 4 months and just sends money on to someone else, a brenda I was told. Then kelly never came back to Portland where she said she was from. Next she said she needed airfare money sent to her so called travel agent named Ricky Fields who is in Lawrenceburg, Ky. Again no Kelly Holmes she said she got in an auto accident on the way to the airport, yeah right. Then more airfares sent and she ends up at her cousin Marias in Phoenix, Az cause her uncle dies. Again more money to Ricky Fields for airfare to Portland. Never came. Then her brother Petr gets deported and she says ends up in Paris, France for a month, or so she says. Then she wanted money sent to a Matt Roach in Albuquerque, NM for office materials for Portland so she could work at home. Again no materials show up. This whole time telling you shes in love with you and please just help me one more time, please. Then needs airfare to Portland after she's home from Paris to Phoenix she says to get her things, and again, sent to Ricky Fields for final airfare to Portland. No shows again and ends up being rushed off to mexico city last week with typhoid fever and needs 2300 for hospitalization treatments and thats when I bowed out. She is a serious scammer and should be jailed for her crimes against several innocent victims here. I have several western union receipts that I will be turning into the FBI. Stay away from her she is bad news and so are her co-conspirators.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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