Scam report about Marina Rudenko

First name:  Marina
Last name:  Rudenko
Age:  31
Location:  Nikolaev, Ukraine
Address:  ul. Maevshikov 2-57
Phone:  380-512-41-82-24 home, 380-67-839-78-44 cell
On websites: (her profile has since been deleted)
Report:  I met Marina in JAN 2009 during a trip to Nikolaev. We met only two times, and she seemed to like me, but afterwards I was unable to contact her. When I returned home I sent her an email and a photo of us together, and expressed regret that I had not been able to see her again. She promptly replied, explaining that she was incommunicado because her 4-year-old daughter became ill and was in the hospital. She also expressed a serious interest in me. To determine whether she was really serious, I suggested that we vacation together in Egypt. Marina immediately agreed to this proposal and asked whether her daughter could also go; I said that would be okay. However, a few days later she said she could not take any vacation for a while because she was afraid of losing her job. I was about to pay for some English lessons when I found a recent posting about Marina on this site and decided to end our relationship. I never got to the point of being scammed by Marina, but I know that she lied to me. Marina claimed that I was the first man to contact her directly, which I know from this site to be false. I remember suggesting to Marina that perhaps the reason why nobody contacted her was because her profile (which has since been deleted) incorrectly stated her weight as 81 kilograms rather than 61 kilograms. Marina told me she has a 23-year-old sister who married a 45-year-old man from California named Albert. They married in DEC 2008 in Nikolaev and are now applying for a visa. Albert, if you read this, be careful!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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