Scam report about Maybel Duke

First name:  Maybel
Last name:  Duke
Age:  29 this year
Location:  calgary suposidly, but presently in nigeria
Report:  BOFORE ANY OF THIS DONT REPLY TO HER RIGHT A WAY CAUSE I WANT TO PLAY HER. Sweetheart i am glad to read from you at least for putting a smile back on my face....though i don't know how you might find this letter,cos i wouldn't want you to be skeptical about this,as am not use in telling people my personal problems,cos i wouldn't like to loose my dignity or pride ,cos i don't really know what i will get in return !!!!I really don't know how to ask you for this as am so confused here,anyway ... Sweetheart currently having some little problem here that is beyond my control at the moment,and i don't know if you can do me a favor here...i received an Urgent call from the port regarding the shipping of my goods back home to, I have been at the port soliciting for the shipping of my goods back home , my goods are on hold right about now by the Nigerian Custom Service and an ultimatum has been given to me. I was told to make an extra payment of $820 again for the Custom`s charges which i wasn't told earlier before i made some payment for my goods shipping some days ago ..sweetheart, i know you did not expect this to come to your notice,or budget for it as i believe every one has his or her expenses to careter for...i beg of you, i will need your help about this as it is very urgent and compulsory here which i don't know if you can raise it ASAP for me... i can't fly with me settling the bills... and afford not to be in your arms soon,cos am missing you so much here as i will not want to continue in this day dreaming here rather than to meet you one on one to get the personal contact face to face.... As all i have here with me is my Voucher worth of $8350 , which i have tried to exchange for cash down here , but couldn't get it exchange due to the banking system down here..i have tried all the means i can to get raise the fund but to know avail....i was at the American and canadian embassy to lay a complain about my present condition..but to no avail..i did tried my bank from here still the same really confused,fed up and mad with myself here..cos i don't know what next to do on how to raise the funds ..thats is why i bring it to your notice to see if you can do me this favor as i will be more than greatful to you and i do promise to refund it as soon as i get my voucher exchange for cash upon my return ... Your Sincerely, Luv Maybel.

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