Scam report about Ayishetu Abduallah

First name:  Ayishetu
Last name:  Abduallah
Aka:  Maria Morgan
Age:  32
Location:  Accra,Kasoa,Foso, Ghana,
Address:  25th hill st.Accra,Ghana,00233;757 Adjakroba st.Accra north,Ghana,00233
Phone:  00233242771217 ;00233246950008
On websites: ; Black ; Yahoo personals
Report:  I met her or them in october,2008 on had me go to Yahoo messenger right away and told me to get off of true so she can have me to herself.She said she was in Marietta,Georgia but after 4 weeks she had to go to Ghana to help her Uncle Tunda Fatai to take care of his kids.She fell in love fast and used God alot.At one point she tried to get me to put 200 kilos of gold into my name,when I said no and thought it was a scam,she came up with the traditional marriage in order for her to come and live with me.Then all the passports,visas,plain tickets and the declaration fees to travel with,in total she got me for $7500.00.She is still trying to get more from me as she says she tried to leave Ghana with the gold in her bags at the airport.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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