SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Ekaterina Maltseva

First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Maltseva
Age: 31
Location: Kanash, Russia
Address: 8 Pushkin, Apartment: 16, Kanash, 429330,
Phone: She says she has no phone
Email:, and/or
Report:     She wants to come to me ASAP to Canada. I told her that is not possible until I am married to her. Therefore, she must wait until this summer that I will arrange to meet with her in Russia or London England after I have returned visiting Ghana. She says I should send her $430 for visa and travel documentation. I told her it cost on $60 for 3 months Visitors to Ghana. She said no it cost more. She says, has $860 for her airline ticket to meet me in Ghana. She loves me and wants to be closer to me ASAP so I should send her money. (We met on True Dating Website only on December 20, 2008) I told her I need the photo of her, together with her mother or grandmother who are still alive but she refuses to send them to me. Instead telling me of seeing [ME] each night in her dreams. I have not sent money to her but I will appreciate it if you can check on her for me. Thanks.
Status of report: will be added soon