SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Elizabeth Bateman

First name: Elizabeth
Last name: Bateman
Age: 30
Location: Fortworth, TX
Email: ellizabeathb77
On websites:
Report:     I have been talking with this person for only a week. After the initial chat she went silent. After about two weeks she contacted me again. If i hadn't been to this website i might have not known. below is a transcript of what occured today. EVORYBODY NEEDS TO WATCH OUT FOR PEOPLE LIKE THIS. Elizabeth Bateman: hello greggvecchio: and how are you today?? Elizabeth Bateman: i am fine and u? greggvecchio: I'm tierd, Had a long weekend. Elizabeth Bateman: oh ok Elizabeth Bateman: why dony u want to talk to me anymore? greggvecchio: well I havn't seen you on lately, I thought it was the other way around. Elizabeth Bateman: not so baby Elizabeth Bateman: i have been very busy Elizabeth Bateman: and something terrible happened to me greggvecchio: so have I, We have a massive job that was supposed to be finished last friday, It is still in production, Elizabeth Bateman: ok Elizabeth Bateman: baby do u really want me to come over Elizabeth Bateman: it seems u dont love me anymore Elizabeth Bateman: u aint talking anymore baby Elizabeth Bateman: if u have found someone else just tell me greggvecchio: well to be honest, I met someone last week. Seems to be a good thing. She is local, and I like her prety well. Thing have been wierd around here lately. I hope you understand. Last time I chated with you, you were over seas. I wasn't sure when you were comming back, & when I would see you. I know I am going to break your heart & it isn't my intention. I would still like to chat with you whenever your on though. greggvecchio: I was trying to find the correct words dear greggvecchio: I hope you can forgive me Elizabeth Bateman: baby do u know that i have fallen in love wit u? greggvecchio: Not to be rude, but i cant see how. We have only chatted on this thing. I fall in love easy also, But I need to have personal contact to see if it is real. Elizabeth Bateman: so all those times we chatted u never had feelings for me? greggvecchio: The person I have been seeing is real, I can touch her, hold her and be with her. greggvecchio: Yes I did, I just didn't know how I felt. greggvecchio: I am truely sorry greggvecchio: Please understand that I do like you, I would love to keep communicating with you, only if it is ok with you. Elizabeth Bateman: thanks very much greggvecchio: I'm sorry to let you down, you don't know how low I feel right now. Elizabeth Bateman: i feel so bad Elizabeth Bateman: just that i have gone through alot all becuase of u greggvecchio: I don't understand Elizabeth Bateman: the money i had with which i wanted to use and travel back to the states was all stolen from me greggvecchio: Well thats not good, how did it happen Elizabeth Bateman: on my way to purchase a ticket that will take me down the states,i was robbed Elizabeth Bateman: all the money that i had with me was stolen Elizabeth Bateman: even my phone too was taken along with some other important documents that i had with me greggvecchio: do you have any family that can help you? Elizabeth Bateman: baby u know i have no one Elizabeth Bateman: i only had u and now u have left me to meet someone else Elizabeth Bateman is typing a message. Elizabeth Bateman: but the only help u can do for me is to help me get back the states greggvecchio: again I am sorry, I didn't know how you felt. But you have to understand I realy like this girl. greggvecchio: BY THE WAY, I HAVE READ UP ON DATING SCAMS AFTER I WAS ASKED THE SAME THING FROM 3 OTHE WOMEN WHO WAS ROBBED AND NEEDED MONEY TO GET HOME. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FRO YOU TO SAY THIS. I HAVE COPIED THE LAST 2 ENTRIES AND AM GOING TO REPORT IT. I AM SORY I WILL NOT GIVE MONEY TO ANYBODY I DON'T KNOW. THIS IS A BAD SCAM, YOU WON'T GET ME. PLEASE REMOVE MY ADDRESS AS I AM REMOVING YOURS
Status of report: is still without proof